Massage gel "Orthophyte" Altai Sacral

Food for physical activity! For joints and muscles. Live without pain!

125 ml


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Orthophyte Altai Sacral Massage Gel, TianDe

Massage gel "Orthophyte" Altai Sacral

Eliminates inflammation in the joints and spine, increases blood microcirculation and helps to restore connective and cartilage tissue.

The special formula of the gel allows the active ingredients to be quickly and efficiently absorbed by the skin, without drying it out with prolonged use - they do not irritate even sensitive skin.

Based on the knowledge of traditional medicine from the Russian region of Altai, the gel "Orthophyte" is a means of external analgesia of joints, spine, thorns, arthritis, dispersing swelling and edema.

Active ingredients:

Mentovo oil - enhances antiviral and antibacterial activity, quickly eliminates muscle pain associated with increased and abrupt load.

Eucalyptus oil - effectively fights muscle pain, eliminates inflammation in the joints.

White fir extract - enhances the action of the gel, has cleansing properties and accelerates the recovery of cartilage and connective tissue.

Olive oil - a valuable cosmetic ingredient that cares for the skin. It moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin. It plays the role of a vehicle - improves the penetration of other active ingredients of the phytogel! Olive oil contains fatty acids related to the lipids of skin sebum, which is why our skin absorbs it well, accepting it as its own.

Vanilla ether - deactivates the mechanism for generating pain: initially stimulates and then reduces the sensitivity of pain receptors. It is one of the main, warming agents of a new generation, the modern equivalent of hot peppers. Unlike the "hot" hot pepper extract, vanilla ether gently warms the tissues without causing an unpleasant burning sensation. BE is a safe component that is used not only in medicines but also in the food industry as a flavoring. It has a pleasant aroma of vanilla.

Dimethyl sulfone - source of bioavailable sulfur / obtained by processing wood / necessary for the body to synthesize the connective tissue to which the joint tissues belong, as well as the production of joint fluid. In the gel, dimethyl sulfone acts as a chondroprotector - regenerates (restores) cartilage, nourishes tissues and slows down the painful processes of their destruction. In addition, it slows down the conduction of pain impulses along nerve fibers.

Rosemary extract - improves microcirculation in the affected joint, eliminates the sensation of pain, but also affects the cause of the inflammatory process. It is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic. Rosemary works against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Rheumatism is often caused by infections caused by staphylococcal bacteria.

Propolis extract - high bactericidal properties confirmed by scientific studies. It suppresses the vital activity of viruses - of the 200 pathogenic strains studied, there is no one that propolis has not counteracted. Propolis is also known for its analgesic effect. In addition, this bee product helps to restore joint tissues due to the minerals contained in it - silicon and manganese, necessary for the "building" of connective tissue.

Methods of application of Altai Sacral Orthophyte Massage Gel:

It is recommended for lubrication and massage in problem areas of the body, joints and spine until completely absorbed. Recommended course of 3-4 weeks, every day / morning and evening /. The course can be repeated after two weeks of rest, if necessary.

It is suitable to apply together with traditional methods of treatment and phytoplastics "Wutong" and "Jian Кang" on TianDe.

It is not a medicine!

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